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    I'm here to help! I have been both a teacher and a teaching artist

 for over twenty years and in just about every kind of situation possible:


  Schools           Museums           Community Centers


  Libraries            Private Homes          Book Stores           Street Festivals


       and even Under Trees (in Zimbabwe!)


                                                                          I hold an MFA in Writing and an MAT in Teaching Art.

                                                                          While my teaching focus has been primarily in visual art

                                                                          and writing, I have also taught theater arts (including

                                                                          puppetry) and have co-taught with dancers and musicians.

                                                                                          I can offer you guidance in many ways, suited to your individual

                                                                                          needs and the particulars of each residency:


                                                                                                *   Curriculum development and integration

                                                                                                *   Organizational skills

                                                                                                *   How to grab a class and hold them

                                                                                                *   An experienced, non-judgemental ear to bounce ideas off of

                                                                                                *   Classroom management

                                                                                                *   Working harmoniously with classroom teachers

                                                                                                *   Staying within your materials budget


                          and so much more . . . as a teaching artist, you never know what might suddenly transpire,

                          from the truly miraculous & inspirational to that ever-so-challenging day.

My Tree by student age 9

The Crow Gets a Worm by student age 7

How to Schedule a Teaching Artist Training with Virginia


*   Training meetings are done remotely on Skype or Whatsapp. They are for one hour.

*   Your initial 15 minute assessment meeting with me is free!

*   We work together to find a time to meet that best fits our schedules.

*   Payment is made through PayPal. The cost is $25 per meeting (one hour), payable in advance.

(You decide how many meetings you may need . . . you can always add more as your

residency unfolds; challenges and questions do come up!)


That's it . . . it's easy, and you will feel more confident as you step into the classroom

and face those eager young learners (Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore... Oh my!).


Feeling overwhelmed in general?—no worries, I am also certified in classical yogic meditation and

can help you find ways to feel more centered and calm.


Please email me to set-up a your free 15 minute assessment.

In your email include:


1. Your time zone.

2. Three possible times to talk in the coming week.

3. Your Skype or Whatsapp contact.


I'm looking forward to meeting with you!

Already working with me and need to make a payment? Just use the PayPal button below:

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